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 Q. What comes with the full package ?

 A. Every Package except for 6m wide and 9m wide Large tents come with the  same amount of furniture..

(All 3m and 4m wide Tents) includes Wood Floor, 2 x trestle tables, 12 folding black chairs, 2 x High tables, uplighters, Heating, and some decoration for the roof..

Q. Can I have the marquee attached to the house ?

 A. 3m and 4m wide Marquess can only be joined to houses if the doors open in or are sliding , where there is no big step at the door or over-hanging gutters, drainpipes, windowsills, clothes lines, sat dishes, ect ect.. !  

6m wide tents are high enough for  french doors to open up into, as long as ther is no obstructions as above..

Q. Do I need to Clean up after My Party?

    A. Tents will not be collected unless they are left the way the tent was given, ensure all decorations drink food and rubbish have been removed We understand how hard it must be to clean up with a hangover ! organise the cleanup crew before the party..

Q. What is the minimum time I can hire for?

    A. There is no minimum or maximum hire period it depends on timeframe of the event.Weekend hire is the norm , If your event is on a saturday we will try to deliver Friday and collect on the Monday.

 Q. Why are the 6m and 9m wide tents more expensive to hire ?

    A. 6m /9m wide Tents are event grade tents, everything about them is heavy duty suitable for high wind area like open fields where there is not much shelter from the winds used for weddings and formal occasions..

Q. What if the wind is very bad?

    A. Events will be cancelled if weather conditions are severe, such as strong gale or storm force winds. most times there is lots of shelter in housing estates or gardens with large trees. Coastal areas are high risk..

Q. I found someone cheaper on a buy and sell website?

    A. some people want a bargin and they find a guy on a buy and sell type website..

remember its your party and saving a few quid might mean your party ends up a disaster !


Q. How do I request a quotation?

    A. Please remember all the package prices and delivery rates are on the web site , if you need to additional info please use the booking/enquiry form. Nothing is booked in until you get your booking confirmation number.

Q. How much notice do you need before booking a marquee?
    A. the earlier the better , one month in advance is recommended.. If we are booked out we always put a note by the enquiry form / booking page. 

Q. Do you deliver everywhere in Ireland?
    A. no, We only deliver in Dublin, kildare, North Wicklow.

Q. When can you deliver?

    A. Since everyone wants their marquee for the weekend, we try to put them up as early as possible to get through the orders. We will let you know about 1 week before event,while all efforts are made to deliver and collect on the time arranged we cannot be held responsible for delays brought about by events beyond our control, traffic delays, breakdowns, weather, this is why we setup one day before your event.

Q. Do I have to be present at the installation?
    A. No. If you are at work we can set the marquee up while you are out.

Q. Can I add extra items during the rental period?
    A. Yes. We can arrange to collect or deliver individual items during the rental period for an additional charge, we only hire items with marquees that have been booked.


Q. How do I Pay?
    A. We require payment on delivery and setup, Once the marquee is setup and you are happy with the job you can pay.
payment by bank transfer can be arranged for larger jobs, cheques are also welcome .. 

Q. I want my marquee to run from my decking and down the garden?
    A. decking fence / rails will have to be removed in order for the marquee to be erected. we can raise the floor to the level of the decking if required additional costs will apply for some jobs.(sliding door!)



Q. Do I need to clean up dog poo from grass areas where my tent will be setup?
    A. we think so anyway ...

Q. Do I need to pay a deposit?
    A. You are not required to pay a deposit, please give us at least 1 weeks notice for a cancellation.

Q. Do I need to clean out the tent before collection ?
    A. It would be very much apreciated if the tent / flooring / furniture are clean before return. flooring with food, chewing gum and rubbish stuck on flooring or canvas will not be accepted for return, additional costs may be incurrred.

Q. Will my marquee blow away into nextdoors garden?
    A.We have never had a tent that has blown way, we use six 2 foot  anchors with heavy duty rachet straps to hold the tent down. Also the tent is fixed to the wood floor for extra stability.

Q. Are the Marquees, furniture and accessories insured?
    A. Items are insured against damage caused by the weather, It does not cover damage caused by neglect or damage caused by guests.

Q. What if anything gets damaged?
    A. The goods are not insured against accidental or malicious damage, the costs for which will be charged.

Q. Does the furniture comply with Health and Safety standards?
    A. All of our goods meet the 1988 safety regulations for furnishing rental properties.

Q. Do you have a brochure?
    A. Yes although we work predominantly through our website which enables you to choose your furniture and accessories online. Ask for a brochure if you want one!

Q. Do I need Flooring ?
    A. If marquee is going on grass we would recommend some flooring. Wood flooring is the best you can have in a marquee. Most marquee companys use matting which can become dirty, smelly and wet very easy. If the marquee is going on decking or concrete flooring will not be required.(only if not windy)

Below, interlocking plywood (black finish)


The best finish is a plywood floor with carpet , it's also the most expensive.

Q. My garden is on a slope can I have a marquee setup ?

A slight slope is ok , If your comfortable walking on the slope it should be ok.
we cannot level large slopes as it requires alot of wood !

Q. Where would the entrance be to the tent, or can that vary. I have french doors leading from Kitchen/dining room and just wondering about position.
The gable end ( the 4m side) of the marquee can go up against the french doors and usually they can open out into marquee, if there is a step down leading out from the doors then the tent would have to be raised to be level with the step as the marquee zip-up door and the french doors are about the same height, also drain pipes and roof ledges sometimes stop the marquee from fitting up against the wall.

Q. Do you feel that the heating supplied would be sufficient for January.
We install 2 x infra red beer garden heaters to the tent roof which will be enough for any cold night, also when there are people inside it should be warm enough especially when they have a few beers !

Q. As the heaters are electric do they just plug into an ordinery outdoor extension lead?
We usually plug the infra red heaters into one socket and the other heater into another socket in another room to avoid overloading. we provide all leads.

4. What is an impossi-led disco light?