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Marquee Size Calculator

Estimates are based on a busy pub situation!

The questions below will help you “guesstimate” your tenting needs for budgetary purposes and to make sure the required tent will fit in the space available. Answers to the first two questions are required to generate an answer.

How many people do you plan to fit under your tent?

What type of seating arrangement will you employ?

Will you have a buffet?

Will you have a bar?

Will there be a server behind the bar(s)?

How many extra cocktail tables would you like under the tent for guests to gather around and/or set down their drinks?
Cocktail Table
Cocktail Table with Stools

Will you have a dance floor?

Will you need any of the following Accessory tables under the tent?

It looks like you've missed one of the required fields: either the number of people you plan to have under the tent, or the type of seating you'd like. Go to the top and fill those in!

Your event will require approximately square feet of tented space.

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